Patrick Breitenbach
Digital by ❤️ - Head of Consulting & Innovation @zdf_digital - Halb Mensch, halb @soziopod

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Sascha Pallenberg
Former Techblogger who became the Head of Digital Content at Daimler AG. Views are my own. Always ;)
Sascha Aßbach
Designer, Project Manager & Overthinker. Also vocalist @fallofcarthage // #ux #logodesign #webdesign #metal
Hier twittert der Deutschlandfunk. Impressum: // Aktuelle Informationen gibt es hier: @DLFNachrichten
We Are Social
We are a global agency. We deliver world class creative ideas with forward thinking brands. We believe in the power of social insight to drive business value.
Markus Sekulla
CMO at @mobilegeeksde; Columnist at @wuv and @BusinessPunkMag; Consult on digital, creativity, advertising, trends. 😍Hannover96, tiny houses, happy people 😍
Volker Oppmann
CEO of @mojoreads and publisher of @onkelundonkel caring about literacy and democracy in the digital age.