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Speaker, Author, Book Coach & Thought Leadership Strategist. Created 500+ thoughtful leaders & published authors! Are you next? Follow me @MindyGK too!

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Screenplay Readers
Since 1999 we've read 14,000+ #screenplays & provided #scriptcoverage & #screenwriting help. In 2007 we joined Twitter, but only for the intelligent discourse.
David Walker
father, husband, not boring accountant, mostly a change consultant
The Change Maker Group
We are creating a million change makers. Our experts share approach and passion for you and your business to succeed. Get our book https://tinyurl.com/yb5rn8uv
Marijcke Voorsluijs
Proud owner of TOT, business behind the scenes in the world of culture: technical production, Uurwerk staffing software and ICT project management
Nic Rixon
Founder SGFE Ltd. Helping private enterprise Grow faster and when the time is right maximise value on exit.
Marc Jarrett 马克·贾勒特 מארק ג'ארט مارك جاريت #FBPE
Disruptive Game Changing Business Broker★International Sales★Themed Luxury Cruises - Go Global™ נשוי לישראלית :) http://joom.ag/UwyL/p20