Ben(oit) Bergeret
Deep tech founder and CEO, passionate about people and business growth. Founder of Qipit, Realeyes3D. Mobile, AI, artificial vision, devices.

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Ari Rule🍍
Freelance writer for Tech and E-commerce companies | 👻 Ghostwriter for Founders and the Csuite | Helping E-commerce brands grow with Pinterest
Jordi Texido 🇧🇪
multilingual mobile bits and pixels for BBC World Service. Tech and 日本の物. Catalan [de pagès] and Londoner. Views: 100% mine, 0% my employer's.
Samuel Pavin 🤓🚀
Brand strategist. Tech/Startups/Social Media. Marketing Lead @UQ_ilab - Previous Founder @IBMGE France. Growth @AT_translations #huaweikol *
Frederic Dumeny
Head of Southern Europe @ooyala - MD Aunia , Mobile Internet junky, True Funk Soldier
Tom Foremski
Ex-Financial Times journalist. Silicon Valley is changing into a High-Tech Media Valley