Ben(oit) Bergeret
Deep tech founder and CEO, passionate about people and business growth. Founder of Qipit, Realeyes3D. Mobile, AI, artificial vision, devices.

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Tom Foremski
Ex-Financial Times journalist. Silicon Valley is changing into a High-Tech Media Valley
Chief Digital Evangelist @GroupeBPCE Blogueur/YouTuber (14 M views)/#MC #live Founder @WeScopeTV Auteur
Marc Goldberg
European IT/CleanTech/Health Private Equity Guy and Long distance runner
Louis van Proosdij
⚠️Profil inactif, passez sur @LvP⚠️ @LvP_F était initialement réservé à mes twitts en français, et @LvP était exclusivement anglophone/international…
johann romefort
Frenchy. 7 years in SF (CTO @Seesmic) Now live in Munich. Tech Evangelist @Stylight - I set things in motion.