Azeem Azhar
Entrepreneur, product, strategist, adviser, speaker. Exponential View. Prev PeerIndex, BBC, The Economist. AI, economics, neuroscience. 🔮🌟🤔

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Head of Outreach @prototypefund+ Co-Artistic Lead @smARTplaces_EU/ Curator&Researcher, ex- @republica / @crrntcc /@state_festival /♥Nex
Creativeness is the ability to see relationships where none exist
Julio Alonso
Founder-CEO @weblogssl, the leading specialized online media group in Spanish. I write about online media, digital advertising and digital activism
Damn! Pepe!
when all the world is giving you is data, use Clojure
Kirill So
🌏 Citizen of the World 🔮 Distributed Ledger Technology 🛠️ Working on 📝 "All you have to do is whatever it takes."