Azeem Azhar
Entrepreneur, product, strategist, adviser, speaker. Exponential View. Prev PeerIndex, BBC, The Economist. AI, economics, neuroscience. 🔮🌟🤔

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Martín Becerra
Tech entrepreneur. Product guy. Zen explorer. Curious learner. Programmer.
SEO Ninja @Atlassian, startup mentor @GAccelerator. The best growth marketing content curated in a newsletter:
Hugo Alves 🌶💆🏻‍♂️
I dig tech, minds and their intersection. Strong opinions, weakly held.
Guest editor @venturebeat, Consumer Tech and AI enthusiast, Must love cats Pitch me guest post ideas: cosette.jarrett[at]venturebeat[dot]com
associate @DowningVentures | team @diversityvc | previously MBA @oxfordsbs and investor @oxfordseedfund | latest book available in link below | views my own