Agustin Musi ®
Why: @flyerbeeee @idezo_ch @foodfreaks_ch Where: Zürich Who: merchant What: father & founder When: no idea, but probably yesterday ExHome: MX/Seattle/NYC

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Co-Founder @DezentrumCH, Think Tank for #Decentralization & Co-Founder @Trust_Square, #Blockchain Hub in the 🧡 of Zurich
Paul Krugman
Nobel laureate. Op-Ed columnist, @nytopinion. Author, “The Return of Depression Economics,” “The Great Unraveling,” “The Age of Diminished Expectations” + more.
School for journalism and democracy, with tweets by @kristenhare, @dpfunke, @itsren and @blatchfordtr. Contact: / 727-821-9494
Martina Bürge
Berät, bloggt und twittert Frisches rund um Online PR, Medien und Kommunikation.
Mashable Mobile
Mobile news and reviews from @mashable, all in one place: smartphones, apps, platforms and more.
Working Mother
Working Mother is mentor, role model and advocate for more than 24 million moms who are devoted to their families and committed to their careers. #workmom