Agustin Musi ®
Why: @flyerbeeee @idezo_ch @foodfreaks_ch Where: Zürich Who: merchant What: father & founder When: no idea, but probably yesterday ExHome: MX/Seattle/NYC

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Christoph Janz
Entrepreneur turned #saas investor at @pointninecap. Seed investor in @zendesk, @algolia, @typeform & others. Looking for the next SaaS 🦄 🦄 🦄.
Martina Bürge
Berät, bloggt und twittert Frisches rund um Online PR, Medien und Kommunikation.
Ulrich Fischer
Maker of Walking the Edit (walk your movies !), founder of Memoways (remix & edit videos). #ResponsiveStorytelling #interactivity #collaboration
Vasile Coțovanu
Husband and father, neogeographer, hacker and hiker, mobile software engineer, curious, never stop exploring
Luca M. Sergio
President & CEO, Ethis (healthcare marketing, #ophthalmology & #optometry), Managing Partner, Ethis HealthTech (business development, #HealthIT #mHealth)