Agustin Musi ®
Why: @flyerbeeee @idezo_ch @foodfreaks_ch Where: Zürich Who: merchant What: father & founder When: no idea, but probably yesterday ExHome: MX/Seattle/NYC

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John Miller
He is an expert in Digital Marketing and Technology domains. John is covering the growing world of technology and digital marketing from last 12 years.
Zorro Notorious M. E. B.
Buck Borasky, Frontier Programmer: sit-down comedy, sports analytics, civic hacking, ... Join me on Refind He/him
Christoph Janz
Entrepreneur turned #saas investor at @pointninecap. Seed investor in @zendesk, @algolia, @typeform & others. Looking for the next SaaS 🦄 🦄 🦄.
Martina Bürge
Berät, bloggt und twittert Frisches rund um Online PR, Medien und Kommunikation.