Arin Basu
Kiwi-Bengali, surgeon-environmentalist-epidemiologist-professor; at the University of Canterbury. 😎

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Ross Dawson
Futurist, entrepreneur, keynote speaker and author working globally.
Josh Muccio
Host and executive producer @thepitchshow from @gimletmedia, husband to Lisa Muccio, amateur skier, coffee/wine connoisseur and professional kid wrangler
Sibylle Trenck
User Experience Architect / SBB AG / HSR Student – MAS Human Computer Interaction Design #InteractionDesign #UX #SBBSCI #SBBconnect
John Smith
full time carer / ex developer / ex devops / comedy nerd / martial arts for fitness fun and self defence. @drunkyfist for health stuff.
Martin Kägi
Lean and Agile - Innovation and Development #hwzinnovation