Andrew Paterson
Founder @birdseye_me, aspiring children's book writer, door photographer, outdoor buff, lucky spouse & dad

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Raghavender Rao J
Co-Founder of @convertfoxapp, a powerful marketing automation tool for small businesses | Co-founder of @CrunchPrepGRE | I tweet about #startups #SaaS, #Growth.
Dominik Grolimund
Founder at Refind. Studied computer science at ETH Zurich. Previously founded Caleido, Wuala, and Silp.
Vlad Calus
TS 106 London. Dropped-out of college, moved to another country with 2 of my friends and built Planable, social media collaboration platform at 19 years old.
Investments in the cryptocurrency, possible deposits, work with the exchanges, the acquisition of tokens to ICO, participation in the bounty companies. 🏦💰📈🌐💲