Anupriya K
Columbia grad on start-up sojourn, will connect the dots looking back, in the meantime musing most about women, tech, product, and leadership

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Kevin D'Mello
Talk to me about bacon, design and anything geeky. When I'm not potato-ing, you'll find me designing @crowdfire. Ex @getsuperapp, @crunchcommerce, @weblyway.
Ron McIntyre
Ron McIntyre is a business puzzle innovator and proactive executive coach. I look at business issues as solvable puzzles & help innovate solutions.
Priyanka Sharma
Work @Crowdfire. Love startups, karaokeing, trivia & coffee. Sucker for Harry Potter theories. Word nerd. Nice but bullshit intolerant.
Deepak Jain
*Do the right thing* | Engineering @Crowdfire