Anupriya K
Columbia grad on start-up sojourn, will connect the dots looking back, in the meantime musing most about women, tech, product, and leadership

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Tushar Patel
Finance @crowdfire, Cricket fanatic, Chartered Accountant, Don't worry be happy, Hungry, B+, Being positive, #Indian #Gujju
Kevin D'Mello
Talk to me about bacon, design and anything geeky. When I'm not potato-ing, you'll find me designing @crowdfire. Ex @getsuperapp, @crunchcommerce, @weblyway.
Will Preston
Will discusses topics of interest as he moves through life, with the focus being on actionable advice to help you personally or in business.
Ron McIntyre
Ron McIntyre is a business puzzle innovator and proactive executive coach. I look at business issues as solvable puzzles & help innovate solutions.