Andrey Marin
Programmer. Designer. Creative.

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Dennis Verjans
Freelance Product Designer who loves to code his own stuff. Front-end developer.
Chris Coyier
CodePen. CSS-Tricks. ShopTalk Show. Clawhammer. Dad.
Brendan Lim
PM on Google Assistant. Previously PM at @Firebase, @Lyft, Co-founder of @Kicksend, Author of iOS 7 in Action and MacRuby in Action, YC (S11)
Tomas Laurinavicius
I’m a lifestyle entrepreneur and blogger from Lithuania. Contributor to Forbes, Observer, The Next Web & Entrepreneur.
Plataforma premium de #inversion en #startups y compañías de alto potencial junto a los mejores #inversores. Crea un portfolio diversificado y de calidad.
Bram Kanstein
Entrepreneurial startup expert 💻 | @nocodemvp, @startupwatching, @startupstash (Acquired) | @producthunt OG & Crypto n00b.