Antonio Vieira Santos 💙#CEBIT18
@Atos SoMe Evangelist.Innovation broker.Recognizing opportunities that link technologies, ideas & people through networking. @axschat @TalentCulture @Plus10org

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Inkbot Design
Inkbot Design is a Creative Branding Agency and Belfast Graphic Design Company.
John Miller
He is an expert in Digital Marketing and Technology domains. John is covering the growing world of technology and digital marketing from last 12 years.
Carlos Ojeda
BizDigital. Ayudando a startups en @OpenFuture_And. Coordinación Académica @SmmUs en @unisevilla. Acelerando centro de formación en @FesacSSCC
João Costa de Souza
info on Technology,Cars,Digital Business,Computers & Rock'n'roll.
Juan Carlos Sánchez
Juan Carlos Sánchez Sánchez
Bruce Werdschinski
Expert Ruby on Rails developer and CTO at @prezentt. Passionate about crafting quality software, DevOps, AWS and technical SEO. Mercedes fanboy and pilot :)