Antonio Vieira Santos 💙
@Atos Social Media Business Evangelist. Digital Transformation & Inclusion.Accessibility. Tech-Sociologist @Plus10Org CMO. @axschat Founder @rotary @CorkCityPPN

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Rebecca Frank
Professionally I overuse “Content”, “Disruption” and “Agility”. Believer in people, comedy and generosity with ideas. Unleashed after years in big companies.
Full Stack Marketing - Mobile Growth - AARRR, UA, ASO, CRO, Dataviz
Ted Fickes
Content strategy, storytelling and data for progressive change. Runs @brightplus3 + loads of time @mobilisationlab. Be good to each other.
Duncan Riley
ดันแคนไรลีย์. Senior writer at @SiliconANGLE + an Australian abroad.