Tommy Yi
Director of User Experience at projekt202 OKC. Co-founder of The 404 & StarSpace46. Board member of Creative Oklahoma. Techlahoma Evangelist

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Wesley Fryer 🌎🎙🚀
I ❤️ unleashing creative potential, helping others #Create2Learn. Sharing my song w @sfryer @MakeMediaCamp. @edtechSR co-host. #DigCit #OklaEd ATA @pocketshare
outdoor goth
born on a mountain, raised in a cave
Leslie Camacho
Introvert, husband, dad, & the person you call when you need help. Awkward social justice practitioner. Chief Customer Officer @craftcms, biracial like espresso
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Isaac Hildebrandt
I am an avid collector of useless trivia, bits of wisdom, and random catchphrases.