Tommy Yi
Director of User Experience at projekt202 OKC. Co-founder of The 404 & StarSpace46. Board member of Creative Oklahoma. Techlahoma Evangelist

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Leslie Camacho
Introvert, husband, dad, & the person you call when you need help. Awkward social justice practitioner. Chief Customer Officer @craftcms, biracial like espresso
Tim Gourley
Intranet famous Ruby and JS guy, writer, gamer, and procrastinator. I work for Phase 2 Interactive. I'm just a day-to-day human.
Isaac Hildebrandt
I am an avid collector of useless trivia, bits of wisdom, and random catchphrases.
Chad Henderson
I swear I am up to no good. I am a UI / UX Designer / Front-End developer, someday writer, former podcaster, thankful husband and proud father.
A bright-eyed & bushy-tailed digital media freelancer, content creator, NYU alum, & idiot savant |❤️pop-culture, DIY, thrifting, & touchdown dance choreography