Look upon me! I'll show you the life of the mind! Film maker and watcher. Son, brother, uncle. Opinions = elbows.

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Laughing Squid
An art, culture & technology blog and hosting company @LS_Hosting founded in 1995 by @ScottBeale.
John Battelle
A Founder of NewCo, sovrn, Federated Media, Web 2 Summit, Industry Standard, Wired; investor & writer on Media, Tech, Culture, Business. Producer, Shift Forum
Chris Messina
Product guy, friend to startups, inventor of the hashtag; x-Google, X-Uber. I share links about design, product, social media, AI, tech, and culture.
Mathew Ingram
I write about the future of media for the Columbia Journalism Review. I'm an expert in stucco, a veteran in love and an outlaw in Peru.
Ryan Hoover
Founder of @ProductHunt. Weekend Fund investor. Real likes, no gimmicks. ✌️😸
Graham Linehan
Immigrant. Writer, director, creator or co-creator of Father Ted, Black Books, Big Train, IT Crowd, Count Arthur, The Walshes, Motherland.