Dirty Hippie
Trying to delay #Idiocracy, a #tweet at a time. Plan 2 walk outside & appreciate being. #FuckUber/#FuckLyft Fuck the #TakingEconomy. #CommunityFirst.

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Benedict Evans
Trying to work out what's going on, and what happens next. Curious. Easily bored. Single parent. Expat in San Francisco. @a16z
Mary Green
Helping startups meet growth goals.
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Doug Miller
PHP/MySQL/jQuery Web Dev & Biz Automation. But to inflate my profile, I can probably launch your startup beyond its first $1,000,000 valuation. Opinions my own.
Raul Tiru 🌎
Founder https://GlobalOwls.com. Now World-Changing organizations can receive free advice from #Marketers & #Designers & become more effective. #Socent