Walter Adamson
I believe social technologies enable abundance | I encourage all children as if they're my own | Citizen Data Scientist | ♥ #fitness #socbiz #fow #analytics

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Philip Sheldrake
Chartered Engineer. Architect @hiproj. Co-founder @tech_we_trust co-op. Partner @eulerpartners. Author 'Attenzi' & 'The Business of Influence' (Wiley).
Axel Schultze
After 20 yrs Silicon Valley, now Switzerland. 4 x entrepreneur, 4 exits. Mission: Doubling startup success rate
Michael H Ballard
People don't need to be motivated They need a process, key skills & a plan. I help people, groups / organizations & communities create more successful outcomes
Alex Bresler
The stop-watch of history is running. The race is on . .
Ivan Kaye
raise capital, access grants and organise finance.Has the mantra leads, proposals and sales - uses referron to refer via BBG chapters