Why we’re building this

Refind helps you deal with push and cut through the noise.



Every day more links are pushed into our faces than we have time to check out – and before Refind there was no way to manage them easily.

Bookmarks are cumbersome to organize and result in a black hole: the more we put in the less we can get out when we actually need it.

Read later is not the right metaphor since it’s only time-shifting the problem. It’s deferral. Deferral fails in the information age because there’s always more information to read later — our reading lists pile up and read later becomes read never.


Handle push

We need a place to save links – fire-and-forget style – and that at the same time resurfaces them when we actually need them.

That’s the single-player mode of Refind: Save links with a click and then move on. Refind helps you find them again when you actually need them, for example when you search on Google.

Our smart reading list helps you read better. Links you don’t read within two weeks will move to your Someday list, sorted by relevance. Your reading list is always small and manageable, and if you ever find time to catch up, you’ll find more relevant links on your Someday list.



To make things worse, a lot of what is pushed is noise – making discovering the good links time-consuming at best and impossible at worst.


More signal, less noise

Discover what matters most to you. That’s Refind’s multi-player mode. You follow people and interests – and we filter. The result: more signal, less noise.