Andreas Thut
Head of Digital at Swiss media brand Beobachter (@BeobachterRat). Avid gardener & traveler. Views my own, RT ≠ endorsement.

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Oliver Ganz
CTO & Co-founder of @TestingTime. We recruit test users for Usability studies and market research
MC Casal
UX Strategist. Co-founder of @relaxintheair. Speaker, lecturer, "leanist", advocate of digital transformation and a few other things. Views are my own.
Walter Schärer
Online marketer and SEO by day with, travel blogger by night with &
Yves Moret
looking for digital karma
Gerry Reinhardt
Community Manager at @FM1today | Husband | Papa | Blogger | Journalist | Micro-Influencer | #gerryweb #gerryfm /