Ward Plunet
Neuroscientist who is diving into deep learning and mixing in a bit of decentralization and blockchain technology

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Oscar MacDonald
Experience, Product & Visual Design @CBC | Previously CBC News Interactives & CBC News Graphics
Lefteris Immanuel Heretakis
Lecturer, visual communicator and PhD candidate. Currently working to establish #Drawing at the heart of the Art & Design curriculum.
Patrick McCray
Bipedal thumb-using mammal who writes about history, technology, science, & art. Fellow of AAAS and APS 🔭🔬🚀 I hear you singing in the wires...
Paul McNeal #BTC20K 🔥
Bitcoin Evangelist and Aficionado. Friend. Mentor. Super Connector. Brand Evangelist. Tesla Enthusiast. ESFJ. Single ;)
Christian P. Stobbe
Captain at http://STOBBE.WTF & http://NAFA.TEAM • Düsseldorf • Berlin • Amsterdam / Business Design • Strategy • Digital / I ❤️Books, Photograhy, Design & the North Sea.
Michael Gogel
Parisian Entrepreneur | Founder Crypto Fund Ventures + Made At Night. Deep Learning $BTC from ‘11. Ran nightclubs + bars + startups + media. Dev + Hacker. Stern