Ward Plunet
Neuroscientist who is diving into deep learning and mixing in a bit of decentralization and blockchain technology

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Michiel Gaasterland
Highly energetic, borderline workaholic & rather dudish. Brand chief @robin_hq. Love music, dogs & all things 2.0. In love with Sjaan. Dad to Mees & Rijk.
Marco Bonini
i now live on a small island on Thailand.... Do my own stunts completed Tough Mudder and other crazy events! Work in luxury resort real estate sales
Heshie Segal
#CleanWater & Children's Advocate, Speaker, Author, #Motivation Networking Strategist, Relationship Marketing http://KidsBetterWorld.com
Michael H Ballard
People don't need to be motivated They need a process, key skills & a plan. I help people, groups / organizations & communities create more successful outcomes
Abdiel Kude
Minister of the Most High - Magnify Him! Promoter of Christian/Gospel Music, Facilitator of Community/Youth Development, Divine Rights Advocate. No Endorsements