Vinny Lingham
CEO @CivicKey ($CVC), building global blockchain ID platform. General Partner @multicoincap/@newtownpartners Expect Crypto/Bitcoin tweets, often sarcastically.

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Demi Brener
Co-founder, CEO at Zeppelin. Creator of and On an eternal quest for truth
Antonio Vieira Santos 💙 #LookOutTrends
@Atos SoMe Evangelist.Innovation broker.Recognizing opportunities that link tech, ideas & people through networking.@axschat @Plus10org👨🏽‍💼@TalentCulture CMG
Louis Guthmann
Making buildings talk and saving energy. CEO co-founder. Loving #data #science #cinema #frenchTech #startup
Kallum Tolkien
Cleantech, Renewables, IOT, Smart Grids, Energy Efficiency, Decentralized Energy, Solar, Wind, Energy Storage, Circular Economy, Blockchain and Smart Cities.