Tim Hughes 提姆·休斯
#1 Global #Socialselling Pioneer and Innovator, Speaker - Co-Founder of Digital Leadership Associates the Global Social Media Consultancy - Views are my Mum's

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Anthony Impey
Relentless runner, obsessive worker, green tea-drinking geek that is changing the World with Wireless Internet!!!
Hater of Brexit & inequality. Founder of https://twenty2zero.io online platforms that automate the middleman.
Berrie Pelser
Berrie Pelser ✯ http://www.ber-art.nl ✯ WordPress Google SEO Cloud Hosting Webdesign Social Media Strategy Internet Marketing @IdoPelser
Irene Becker
Helping smart people achieve breakthrough results in disruptive and uncertain times is what I do best. #Leadership #Communication #Career #BD #HR #3Q #EQ
David Terrar
digital transformation, social business, cloud & SaaS, creativity, blogger, Hammers fan, music nut, family man, Founder & CXO - Agile Elephant, Deputy Chair CIF