Scott Davis
Expert iOS Developer - I build mobile apps for startups - #AI #Crypto and #Blockchain Expert - @FantasyLifeApp

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JA Directives
Small Business Insights | Official account of JA Directives | We Provide contents & tools for #smallbusiness #Entrepreneurs #affiliatemarketing & #startups
Leo Picado
Learning to live, code. Chikara superfan, doggos lover, living the dream. Very much a living, talking, walking WIP commit.
Philip Kuklis
Co-Founder @heyhubble | ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Jamil Ahmed
CEO @reinforcelabtwt ¦ Pharmacist ¦ Traveller ¦ Helping People To Grow Small Business ¦ Digital Marketing ¦ Social Media Marketing ¦ Personal Branding.
Kathleen Kirkpatrick
LEED AP, SITES AP, EcoDistricts AP. Sustainability Advocate. Environmentalist. Futurist. Catalyst. Activist. Biomimic. Communicator. Organizer. Southerner!