Stephanie Gleaton
Love my job in Social Media Marketing. Would love to hear info on any new ideas or advice. Bring it on!

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Sprout Social
Social media management platform for businesses. Give the 30-day trial a spin: Support: @SproutSupport Also, meet @BambuBySprout!
Microsoft in Business
Official page. Empowering business leaders to transform their organizations through thought leadership and actionable insights.
Warren Whitlock
Publish at Influencer in blockchain, ico, social media, tech and marketing. Futurist, Advisor, Author and friend
Macworld from IDG: Reviews, tips and news from the experts on all things Apple. (Follow @allmacworld for every story.)
We want to share the life of a brand, the wins & losses. Each brand is different but we can all benefit from their individual experiences. via @johnrampton
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