Hampus Lundqvist
i pretend to know programming. http://github.com/RekkyRek meme#0001 on Discord

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Go will make you love programming again. I promise.
npm, Inc.
i'm the package manager for javascript. problems? try @npm_support, @npmstatus, and https://npm.community/
The app platform for web developers. Build awesome mobile, web, and desktop apps all with one codebase and open web standards 🚀 Also @getcapacitor @stenciljs
Windows news, product info & global stories of people using Windows technology to #DoGreatThings. For support tweet @MicrosoftHelps
The easiest ☁️ platform to deploy, manage & scale applications of any size. Status: @DOstatus Support: http://do.co/contact Careers: http://grnh.se/ny2fkm1
Microsoft Design
Putting technology on a more human path. Stories and inspiration from our worldwide team of artists and engineers.