Ouriel Ohayon
french - israeli. co-founder @Isai_fr (VC). Entrepreneur (Techcrunch, Appsfire) / investor (Teads, Outbrain, Eyeview, Blabla car..). #blockchain addict.

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Indian In Chicago
🇮🇳🇺🇸Just an average Raj from India 👥Not wealthy, but honest thinker BTC - 3PSEjWWNXm4j7gMyRQrzKpLcyuMeDT9CjZ - BCH -1KVucPaXarj3eMnozgjjcviYxvj2x7sPwY
William Mougayar
Author, The Business Blockchain. Producer, Token Summit. Venture investor & Advisor. Founder, Startup Management. Mentor, Entrepreneur, Speaker. Thought Leader.
Andrew Paterson
Launching startup Q1-18, aspiring children's book writer, door photographer, outdoor buff, lucky spouse & dad
Crypto Fan
I believe in crypto but I don't believe that fiat will die or explode from it. Get bitcoin here: https://www.coinbase.com/join/5a06b5ae45b27500bc1d32b5
Nick R. Frost
Marketing @CoinCircle #crypto #blockchain #ICO Co-founder: @BeOnDeckDaily. @ShiftOrg Advr. Newsletter Edtr: @MattermarkDaily, Raise The Bar @Mattermark Email 👇