Ouriel Ohayon
french - israeli. co-founder @Isai_fr (VC). Entrepreneur (Techcrunch, Appsfire) / investor (Teads, Outbrain..). building Codename Django #blockchain addict.

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Neeraj Joshi
Entrepreneur | Writer | Founder @ Pushstart (http://www.pushstart.in)
Udit Goenka
Founder & CEO at @poweruphosting @gopbncloud @funnelbake | Featured on @inc & @forbes | Contributor @HuffPost | Keynote Speaker | A lot of love for Coffee.
Listit - The Casual Card Game
The party game with witty, weird and wide-ranging questions – and no correct answers whatsoever. http://listitgame.com
Jim D’Amico
Data, currency, growth, participation, sunlight, privacy, unlikely outcomes.
Alemsah Ozturk
Chief Happiness Officer/CEO @4129Grey Advertising Agency. Irrationally Optimistic, Angel Investor, Foodie, Dance enthusiastic. The mustache :)