Ouriel Ohayon
french - israeli. co-founder @Isai_fr (VC). Entrepreneur (Techcrunch, Appsfire) / investor (Teads, Outbrain..). BuiDLing Codename Django #blockchain addict.

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Calvin Chu
Finishing up at @UChicago | @blockcities | @joinRepublic | @MycroChange Always here to help & learn! Proud @tokendaily node - let's learn about crypto!
Kirill So
🌏 Citizen of the World 🔮 Distributed Ledger Technology 🛠️ Working on http://digest.CryptoDa.sh 📝 "All you have to do is whatever it takes."
Tom Wehmeier
VC. Partner, Head of Research @atomico
Philipp B.
marketer @google - curious polyglot, tech aficionado with a green thumb, blockchain enthusiast, skydiver, surfer, maker and mindful thinker.
Travis Wright
Host of The Bad Crypto Podcast. @badcrypto Author of http://digitalsen.se #MarTech & #Blockchain #Marketing Consultant, Keynote #Speaker. Stay bad!