Ola Agbaimoni
A public sector entreprenure: being the change I want to see Also the 7 MoMents Coach Making it Happen with #7MoMents for success! All thoughts are my opinions

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Maria Leontiou
#Innovation catalyst in the making building upon my 16+ years of banking experience. Working passionately to create the Greek #FinTech scene.#TEDxAth member.
Strategy’s & #SocialMediaTools to make your feeds look amazing & to grow your social accounts. #DigitalMarketing #GrowthHacking owner of @TribolsTools
Néstor Altuve
Gerente Regional para Centroamérica y El Caribe en http://WWW.UNIKEMIA.COM - Consultor Transformación Digital y Medios Comunicación http://pa.linkedin.com/in/nestoraltuve
Dariya Lopukhina
Blogger, content enthusiast, beer lover and Siberian husky fan. Marketing strategist @AnadeaInc.