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Sarah McKee
Tenacious Marketer 🎯 Blending online marketing tactics and social science theory. Using Digital Psychology to influence online conversions and optimize UX.
Ethan Johns
Entrepreneur, Magento Back-end Developer, Technical Writer & Blogger #techie #Techlover
Matt Bentley
Entrepreneur, sailor, climber, data science geek. #SEO #AI #ML #Startup Founder @CanIRank & @growth_ai, previously CEO @Sedo
Will Preston
👨💻=☕ 🍰 🖥 🚴🚶🎧                         🔧Fix Websites                            🔨Fix Computers                       🐦@sumostack              ⛓
Josh Wade
Nerd. Taco Fiend. Podcast Engineer. Current Project: @nerdbriefing