Nameet Potnis
CEO & Co Founder @Apptuse. Entrepreneurship Professor @Uni_Mumbai. Founder @PotnisF #Payments + #Commerce

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Smita Nair Jain
ThePowerOfParadigms(PAIR-A-DIMES) Change Yr Thoughts & U Change Yr World #TEDx #LinkedInPowerProfile 2015 & 2017
Nieves Ábalos
Indie maker, product manager & entrepreneur. #VoiceFirst, #chatbots, #AI, #NLProc specialist. Creating future concepts at @monoceros_xyz
Nitansh Rastogi
Bookworm | Philatelist | Human Web Crawler | Bitten by Entrepreneurial Bug | Technoholic | Digital Media Enthusiast
Founder of 2 multi-million dollar startups by age 20 ⛏️ and Ethereum Ventures 🤖Crypto Enthusiast
Dharmaraj Solanki
Chief Minister's Fellow | Global Shaper @WEF | Bombae | Marathons, puns, cycling & poems | NGOs, socents & policy | Have completed 4/16598 online courses.