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Installed Base
Forecast & experience market-leading technologies and platforms with #InstalledBase from @InfoClutchData. Reach us @ +1(888) 998-0077 #TechnographicData
Reyad Rahman
Founder at Muthopay | Bringing Financial Inclusion across Asia, Africa and Middle East | Fin tech, Block chain and Machine learning |
Simon Thompson
Historian, Interested in the Arts, Travel, Writing, Photo Editing, Podcasting. Multilingual Views are my mother's. 演员,历史学家,对艺术,旅游,写作,照片编辑,播客感兴趣。 多语言我爱中国。
Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and AI tutorials and insights to help software engineers understand and implement these technologies in their solutions
Emel Bolle
Education Consultant, Edu Specialist,M.A in DEU Ins. of Edu. Sci. #Management #SocialMedia #edtech #Community