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Simo Ahava
Husband | Father | Blogger | Keynote speaker | Senior Data Advocate at @ReaktorNow | Google Developer Expert for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager
Wine Folly
The #1 site for learning about #wine for beginners and beyond. Have fun being wine smart. 🍷
Joe Pulizzi
Founder, Content Marketing Institute; Co-Founder, Orange Effect Foundation; Author, #KillingMarketing #ContentInc. #orange
Sean Ellis
Author of Hacking Growth. Coined the term "growth hacking" after using it in early days to ignite breakout growth for Dropbox, Eventbrite, LogMeIn and Lookout.
Turn data collection into an experience. Build conversational forms, surveys, quizzes, and more. Support: @TypeformHelp
Whole Foods Market
We’re the place to discover new flavors, new favorites and new ideas, whatever those might be. Tag your food obsession of the moment with #MakesMeWhole.