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Gianluca Fiorelli
International & Strategic SEO senior consultant, @Moz Associate & @stateofdigital blogger. Founder of @theinbounder, the actionable Digital Marketing Conf.
Anthony Moore
SEOer. Sausage Maker. Pizza Eater. Cocktail Novice. Minor Threat.
Filip Matous
Cheerful pessimist. Digital strategist. Author 'How To Get Your Website Noticed' (Macmillan) — PS Do you enjoy arguing? I host debates @LondonPhilClub
Bruce Werdschinski
Expert Ruby on Rails developer and CTO at @prezentt. Passionate about crafting quality software, DevOps, AWS and technical SEO. Mercedes fanboy and pilot :)
Rachel Miller
I organize the universe & make things pretty | #InfluencerMarketing @TopRank | #MarTech & #Data geek | I like sushi, #craftbeer,🦉you need is love.