Louis van Proosdij
⚠️Profil inactif, passez sur @LvP⚠️ @LvP_F était initialement réservé à mes twitts en français, et @LvP était exclusivement anglophone/international…

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Marc Goldberg
European IT/CleanTech/Health Private Equity Guy and Long distance runner
Louis van Proosdij
Founder, President of Fair Play Interactive, personalized TV channels, from broadcast to unicast. Founder, President ZOOND, the Pandora of music TV channels.
Ben(oit) Bergeret
Deep tech founder and CEO, passionate about people and business growth. Founder of Qipit, Realeyes3D. Mobile, AI, artificial vision, devices.
Charles Liebert
''Being Happy, Doesn't mean that everything is perfect... it means that You've decided to look beyond imperfections'' #InnovationStrategist #KinnernetEurope
Philippe DEWOST
Chief @WeAreLeonard @Vinci - Digital Economy ➜ inspired @LaFrenchTech & la฿Chain ❯ CEO imSense $  ❯ Wanadoo cofounder ⚠️ Tweets perso
Eric Scherer
Spying on the future @Francetele. Corporate hacker. Ex AFP, Reuters. Explorer of the digital revolution