I'm the cofounder of @AetherUnited where we're giving control of our esports brand to the fans!

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Adrian Krebs
Software engineer. Tech enthusiast. Weekend warrior. Stock-Trader. Always eager to learn. Maker of https://thehoodguide.com 📌🗺️
Leonard Kim
I make and market industry leaders | ❤️✒️🥑⛱⛵️ #TEDxhttps://youtu.be/MrIWL17KHS0Ys http://on.inc.com/2xA817k Interviews: Hello@LeonardKim.com
Ryan Hoover
Founder of @ProductHunt. Weekend Fund investor. Real likes, no gimmicks. ✌️😸
Intuitive & powerful social media management tool trusted by 4M+ people worldwide. Social media insights at: http://blog.buffer.com // @bufferreply // 🖥📱🌎
Roy Bahat
Investing in the future of work as a VC @BloombergBeta. Son of immigrants, parent of stimulants. Learning to be a better listener; also past patiently waitin'