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🔮 trust in $crypto & $btc since 2012. story of my life: #dyor #btfd #hodl #mooning #lambo 🏎 DISCLAIMER: Tweet are not investment advice. Don't trust. Verify!

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Nick R. Frost
Marketing @CoinCircle #crypto #blockchain #ICO @ShiftOrg Advisor. Former Editor of @MattermarkDaily & was 1st marketing hire at @Mattermark.
Zach Segal
PM @earndotcom - Earn Crypto. Founder @ http://BlockchainCurated.com. Past: Mobile Lead at SendHub (acq) & LendUp (YCW12)
Dan Wilson
Singer, guitarist, bitcoin enthusiast and vagabond. https://steemit.com/@dan-wilson?r=dan-wilson
Amine Mouafik @ 🇹🇭
Software engineer into 🤖 bots, 💻 #javascript and 💰 crypto.
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