Johannes follows these people on Refind.

Joerg Leupold
Worte sind Taten. Doch die Welt ist nicht alles was der Fall ist. frei nach Wittgenstein.
Robin Wauters
European tech journalist; founder & editor of (@tech_eu), previously @TheNextWeb & @TechCrunch - in love with my family, tech, travel and Belgian beer.
Esther Crawford 🦄
CEO of @trymolly (YC W18). Life story: "Nevertheless she persisted." Don't let the bastards bring you down 😎🎉.
M.G. Siegler
General Partner @GVteam. I write @500ish & @reviewinhaiku. Artist formerly known as @ParisLemon. On the road w/ @msquinn. #GoBlue 🍻
Abir Oreibi
CEO @Lift, Investor, Board member, Expert@Innosuisse, Innovation Board @SGS, Founding member @OpenGeneva @BreathinggamesGeneva, Program Director CAS @Head
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