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Frederic Filloux
Currently JSK Research fellow at Stanford. Works on the News Quality Scoring project aimed at surfacing great journalism from the web. Edits the Monday Note.
Muzli is a Chrome extension that provides quick access to all that’s hot, new and simply awesome stuff in the #Inspiration #design & #tech #web #ux #ui scene.
Co-Founder of 56k.be @Adenumio | also build @neeed @xperlink @bonetbonstore ... In love with @Wordpress
Chad Whitaker
Product Designer at @ProductHunt. Make cool things. Be nice.
Sacha Greif
Originally from Paris, but now living in Osaka. I co-wrote @DiscoverMeteor, and created @Telescpe and @SidebarIO. #Hearthstone, #Bouldering, and #BJJ.