Jared K. "JA" Lott
Data Analyst | Aspiring Aerospace (🛰️Astronautical) Engineer | Mathematics Undergraduate | Improving Daily | I Will Conquer | RT Are Not Endorsements

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Sebastian Legarraga
Marketer, blogger, writer, maker.
Josh Muccio
I wouldn't call myself a journalist though people do pitch me on occasion
Jerad Maplethorpe
Sr. Frontend Engineer at @mfactorapp. Side-project hacker. Podcast consumer. Backpacker. Birb lover.
Jed Record
🎙Keynote Speaker • Value Innovation Expert • Adj Marketing Prof • @Lenovo AI Solutions Development
Ola Agbaimoni
A public sector entreprenure: being the change I want to see Also the 7 MoMents Coach Making it Happen with #7MoMents for success! All thoughts are my opinions