Jane Friedman
Editor of @HotSheetPub, a newsletter for professional authors. Next: THE BUSINESS OF BEING A WRITER (Univ of Chicago Press, 2018). Indiana native 🌽


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Michael Malo
I try to follow and read widely. Likes are not always likes - more like "saves"; either to read later or even of something I disagree with.
Bec Evans
Startup founder @beprolifiko - innovation, creativity, philosophy & writing. Occasional dogs. http://prolifiko.com/
Kathryn Newey
Author of Young Peoples Books, Poet, Armchair Wanderer, Aquarian, Universal Being, Truth-seeker, Protector of Animals and the Earth 🦊🦌🦉🍃🌍🚀
Daniel Doyon
readwise.io | Digital nomad. Future of office. Reading technology. Board games. Fermented grape juice.
Freelance Salesforce Admin, Consulting Marketing Strategist. Data ninja. Excel aficionado. Quality czar.