Hussein Hallak
Entrepreneur | Speaker | Advisor | Angel | CEO @ Vancouver Founders | GM @Launch_Academy | Leading Tech Startup Hub

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CHI Software
Software Development Center. Web, Mobile, Desktop, and Embedded software solutions worldwide.
Tina Dietz ツ
✴️ Unleashing the voice of your message *Thought Leadership Marketing* Audiobook Publisher *Podcasting Consultant & Strategist *Acclaimed Speaker & Emcee*
Boris Mann
Founder @frontierfoundry, building a global blockchain platform for tokenized securities. Vancouver. Canada. Startups. #ehlist
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Larry Kokoszka
Founder @Ghost_Browser. My Cat is allergic to dogs. Go figure.
Jamil Ahmed
CEO @reinforcelabtwt ¦ Pharmacist ¦ Traveller ¦ Helping People To Grow Small Business ¦ Digital Marketing ¦ Social Media Marketing ¦ Personal Branding.