Giacomo Consonni
Web developer, hiker, Cloud lover

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ChriSSHort 💾🦄🌈
DevOps'ing with a Flourish, Sarcasm as a Service™, OSS Advocate, Florida Gator, Partially Disabled Veteran, Husband, Father. Views are mine.
Matteo Collina
@nodejs TSC member, PhD, Principal Architect @nearForm, IoT Expert, Consultant, and Conference Speaker.
TK Running @ 🇲🇹
Nomadic writer of words and code. Topics: financial services, tech, and other life hacks for @TheNomadGate. Ex @TeleportInc.
Sushi and sashimi eater, spritz drinker, onepage websites lover, manga reader, Sublime Text and (hot) tea addicted.
Luca Casartelli
Full Stack Developer at Cloud Academy (@CloudRank). Passionate reader, amateur photographer, climber, explorer.
Emanuele Brivio
CND_Tier_4 Please, shut up.