Giacomo Consonni
Software engineer, Hiker, Cloud lover

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Ryan Singer
Product Strategy at Basecamp. Posting on UI, UX, software product design, supply and demand, cause and effect.
Jeff Bezos
Amazon, Blue Origin, Washington Post
Codeship by CloudBees. Continuous Integration and Delivery for ALL. Let's have a chat!
WIRED Science
Bringing the radiothermally generated heat. The team: @KatieMPalmer, @JetJocko, @rtg0nzalez, @MeganMolteni, and @MrMattSimon.
Microsoft Azure
The official account for Microsoft Azure. Follow for news and updates from the #Azure team and community. For help, please contact @AzureSupport.
Leading SaaS #TimeTracking tool. Over 70 000 businesses use it to measure profitability, employee productivity and for accurate client billing.