Eric Quinn Hargrove
I place #cryptocurrency advertisers with relevant #crypto & #blockchain publishers @BuySellAds We should connect! 👍🏽🏆🔥 (Views are my own)

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Mayank Agarwal
Learning the 99% things I don't know. Co-Founder @sendxio
Engadget is the original home for technology news and reviews.
Data integrity for supply chain operations, powered by blockchain technology.
Matt Coolidge
Co-founder / lead comms for @Join_Civil. Twitter cadence not a strong suit. Talk a lot about journalism, sometimes rant about people being jerks on the subway.
Yaniv Feldman
Cryptoeconomist.Theorist in the streets, empricist in the sheets. CEO @ One Alpha, Co-Founder @ Cointelligence, Co-Founder @ Geektime.
We provide a revolutionary gaming experience with blockchain and cryptocurrency | Giving gamers a chance to earn by playing: