Nick Dimitrijevic
BDM @ NOA Labs | Co-founder @ One Clever Dot | #Shenzhen | Tech | Nature is the king | Love #blockchain

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Dragos Grozavu
the business guy at @verne_ai - automating business communications through artificial intelligence. Proud Dinamo Bucharest and Real Madrid fan.
Paul McNeal #BTC20K 🔥
Bitcoin Evangelist and Aficionado. Friend. Mentor. Super Connector. Brand Evangelist. Tesla Enthusiast. ESFJ. Single ;)
Jamil Ahmed
CEO @reinforcelabtwt ¦ Pharmacist ¦ Traveller ¦ Helping People To Grow Small Business ¦ Digital Marketing ¦ Social Media Marketing ¦ Personal Branding.
NOA Labs Ltd.
Turnkey Solution for Design, Development, Prototyping, Crowdfunding and Mass Production. NOA Labs brings you from Idea to Market. More than 600 projects done.
Nodar Janashia
Crypto-asset valuation models, ICO analysis frameworks, interviews with founders & other resources on my website