Denis Lafont-Trevisan
#Internet fan in the 20th Century. #PublicBlockchain afficionado in the 21st Century.

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Steve Francia
Product Lead @golang, @Google • @Drupal board • Prior VP @Docker & @MongoDB • @gohugoio, Cobra, Viper & spf13-vim creator • Investor/advisor to VCs & startups
Palash Bagchi ⛅️
Constant Innovator, Fanatic #Marketing, Value Creator, Growth Hacking, Storyteller. Making a positive impact on society with better technology. 🎖️
Ward Plunet
Neuroscientist who is diving into deep learning and mixing in a bit of decentralization and blockchain technology
Olivier Martinerie
Conseil Digital, e-commerce au sein de Clever Age. Coaching Start-ups.