David Silva Smith
Entrepreneur + angel investor ❤️ #Bitcoin, freedom, & helping startup founders

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Indigo Ocean
The Winning Start community founder, Host of Conscious Business Leaders TV, Author of Being Bliss, crypto enthusiast ~ Masterpiece Life Catalyst
My2Centrist [I❤️BCH]
Donations: Bitcoin Cash only Bitcoin has too high of fees. 17MXrszKiUj8sWNYkXsHxyFPyoRnS3DVpa
Patrick Rivenbark
people | tech | mission | Strategic Partnerships @goMEDICI and @LetsTalkPaymnts, board member http://www.innovate-educate.org
Leo Polovets
General Partner @SusaVentures. Before: @Caltech - 2nd non-founding engineer @LinkedIn → @Google → early engineer @Factual. Student of entrepreneurship.
Kyle Samani
Perpetually fooled by randomness. Managing Partner @multicoincap. Fellow GPs: @TusharJain_, @VinnyLingham. Subscribe to our blog for the best insights in crypto