Christie Fox
Operations Assistant at The Book Farm. Book Lover! Currently teaching myself programming, marketing, & more! Education Advocate!

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Helena Petrovic
Helena Petrovic / coffee addict / music lover / freelance #socialmedia marketer / sharing tips about social media and #marketing / interested in web design
John Smith
full time carer / ex developer / ex devops / comedy nerd / martial arts for fitness fun and self defence. @drunkyfist for health stuff.
Jelena Jovanovic
Digital Maiden - Co-Founder & Web Developer at @vanila_io | instagram: plavookac #automation #javascript
Jason Byrne
I coalesce the vapors of human experience into a viable and meaningful comprehension.…
Arief Rakhman
My tweets are my personal #random
Iskandar Abudiab
Developing software @cluetec during the day, hacking my own stuff at night.