Charles Liebert
''Being Happy, Doesn't mean that everything is perfect... it means that You've decided to look beyond imperfections'' #InnovationStrategist #KinnernetEurope

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Andrew Paterson
Launching startup Q1-18, aspiring children's book writer, door photographer, outdoor buff, lucky spouse & dad
Marc Goldberg
European IT/CleanTech/Health Private Equity Guy and Long distance runner
Louis van Proosdij
⚠️Profil inactif, passez sur @LvP⚠️ @LvP_F était initialement réservé à mes twitts en français, et @LvP était exclusivement anglophone/international…
Stephan Uhrenbacher
AI focused ivestor //// CEO - - Digital Airport Experience /// associate CDL Toronto.
Alain Courbon
Strategy, innovation and business development director at #reedmidem, organiser of #midem, #mip, #mipim, #mapic