Charles Liebert
''Being Happy, Doesn't mean that everything is perfect... it means that You've decided to look beyond imperfections'' #InnovationStrategist #KinnernetEurope

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Jean-Rémi Deléage
Editeur New Media & Consultant - TV, Digital, Medias, Marketing, Culture, Edition, Science, Ecologie, IA, Futurologie, SF, Transhumanisme
Larry Boyer
Helping people and business prepare for the future. Economist Futurist, Technologist Strategist. Author "The Robot In the Next Cubicle" #4IR #jobs #career
Paul Richardet
Iconoclaste, particulier, original, décalé, sensitif, intermédiaire, fervent, entremetteur, fraternel, irruptif, boréal, perceptible, humain, trop humain...