Caterina Fake
Yes VC. Cofounder: Flickr, Hunch, Sesat School. Etsy. Sundance. Investor. Homeschooling, film, literature. Dogs.

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Fonda Chen
designing new digital products at @washingtonpost in NYC
Giampaolo Mancini
Dad of 2, founder at Placejam, starter at The Coding Circus, tech evangelist, digital extremist – Code is in the eye of the beholder –
James Webb
Product person at the FT. Beeb before that. Currently focused on news personalisation.
Strategy’s & #SocialMediaTools to make your feeds look amazing & to grow your social accounts. #DigitalMarketing #GrowthHacking owner of @TribolsTools
Mayhem, Just Mayhem.
ex-Brooklynite, ex-Vegan, ex- Photographer, analytics obsessed, Type-A, workaholic dataGeek. Will eventually take over the world.