Carl Weir
Specialist: Identity, Biometrics, KYC, Blockchain, Global Mkts, X-asset, FIX, Big Data, MFDV's, AI, new business models. Innovation. Views are my own.

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Travis Wright
Host of The Bad Crypto Podcast. @badcrypto Author of #MarTech & #Blockchain #Marketing Consultant, Keynote #Speaker. Stay bad!
Tim Bird
Corporate / M&A lawyer interested in all tech verticals. #Crypto-fan. Powered by #yoga #triathlon and green tea. LDN, NYC, Silicon Valley, Japan ティム バード
Leon-Gerard Vandenberg, Blockchain Wireless @Solara_io #eSIM #unbanked disruptive, #SolarPunk, #MobileMoney, Auth+silicon tech PGP key 26D8 9BB1 1A99 BFD2
Jeff Handler
Blockchain things at PwC UK. Mostly RTs / Bitcoin and geopolitics dribble. All opinions, RTs, ♥️s are really all me, you guys ¯\_(ツ)_/¯