Bernd Roschnik
Student @HumboldtUni | supporting @appstretto | former advisor @BMgermany | enthusiastic about #disruption | tweeting about #Politics & #Fintech

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Solution Analysts
We are Agile Software Artisans, Offer #Web #Mobile #Cloud & #IoT Solutions at one place.
Sebastian Nikoloff
Head of the Corporate & Public Affairs Team @MSL_Germany — Berlin
Alan Bowman
Trade and Development and Promoting Find An Acorn Plant An Oak The Carbon Soak Or Any Tree Seed Anywhere
Catherine Hislop
To assist the traumatised from abuse fulfill their dreams and realise their full potentail. Highlight the extent of abuse and corruption globally
Mariella Petrigni 🌍
Translator from German, English, French, and Spanish to Italian ★ Public Relations Specialist ★ Tweets about language, translation, PR, finance ★ Milan, Italy ★
Wandrille de P
Innovation Lab. Travaille dans un Lab d'innovation en #esanté. #ehealth. #skin #Dermatologie #SocialMediaManager. Compte perso. Ex @Scpolille