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Jeremy Chrystman
Visualizing the future of connected human experience @DataStoryMe #startup #dataviz #richdata. Alumni @uWaterloo @CIHI_ICIS #mhealth. #austin #SXSW #love
John MacKintosh
Data solutions in the NHS | #rstats | #Qlik | #SQL | SPC | QI | #R-blogger
J-PAL Africa Research Associate. South Africa, Data, Reproducible Research, R-vangelism. Tweets my own.
Jose Roberto Almaraz
Brazilian. Tech/Middleware/Infrastructure, etc.
Patrick @Smartified
Physicist. Former Tech. Attache. Data Strategist Smartified. Co-founder Farlang. AI AR. IIoT. Space. Archaeology. FC Ajax.
Ryan Herr
Like to read about learning+tech, future+jobs, faith+reason, art+code, data+story, banjos.