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Espree Devora 🎙
'Your intuition is your oracle' | Producer/Host of award winning #tech #podcasts @WeAreLATech & @WomenInTechShow | Listen, + 🎙
Pew Research Center
Nonpartisan, non-advocacy data and analysis on the issues, attitudes and trends shaping the world. Also follow @FactTank, our data blog.
Robin Kiplang'at
Wrangler of stuff | Machine Learner | Data hog | Organizer of @PyDataNairobi
Pew Research Fact Tank
A blog from @pewresearch writers, pollsters & demographers. We find the news in the numbers. Tweeting about polls, data, econ, demographics and more.
Danny Prol
I work on growth & product at @HomeSelect_. I'm excited by projects where tech has a positive social impact. Prev: @Platzi (YC W15) @Mention @Cabify @getpeoople